Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall in Busan

It's Fall here, and it's wonderful! The trees are gorgeous and the weather is perfect! We went hiking this past weekend and got some great shots...
...of foliage that is!
Can you find Loren snapping shots with the locals?

Well it's that time already...we are packing up to head back stateside. Our one year teaching contract is quickly coming to an end. While there are a ton of things we are excited about getting back home to (e.g. family, our dog, hunting, Mexican no specific order) we will also miss the life here (easy and affordable transportation, working together in the same environment, our church family and so much more!).

Here's a few things as of lately:

Busan Fireworks Festival
Over 2 million people come to this annual event and crowd the beaches of Gwangalli. We were fortunate to have great "seats" to the show at the top of our friend's apartment building.
We also walked in a 5K along Haeundae beach for diabetes with one of our co-teachers. Here's Loren with his two new friends.
Our English academy threw a Halloween party for our elementary age students. If you want a good laugh, try explaining this "tradition" to Koreans. As you can see in the picture, some kiddos got the idea and even dressed-up for the event!
One of my favorite and sweet students :) He's showing off his well-deserved stickers.
We finally caught a Lotte Giants baseball game! Unfortunately, this was their last game of the season. The bit of absurdity you may notice is the equivalent of a "rally-cap" during the seventh inning. These "hats" also double as a trash bag (it wasn't only us, everyone in the stadium had them on their heads!). Smart and resourceful idea, Busan!
The delightful dish you see in the photo below is the Korean dessert "Pot Bing Su". It is a combination of sweet red beans, shaved ice, fruit, cereal and ice cream. Don't judge just yet...while this concoction might sound appalling and disgusting, it's actually quite delicious!
We'll leave you with this cool photo of the city lights from the top of our apartment building.
Love you and miss you all...we'll be seeing everyone soon!

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