Friday, December 3, 2010

Virtual Apartment Tour

We realize that this post is long overdue, and perhaps not useful given we only have a week left here, but we thought you all might enjoy a taste of our home-life over the past year. So, here's a photo tour of our quaint apartment in the city.

We live in a one room apartment on the 19th floor of a huge apartment building. There are about nine sky-scraping apartment buildings in our complex alone.
When we say "one" bedroom, we really mean it. Our space is one large room, complete with a living area, kitchen area (pictured above), dining room table, and a bed. Our front door is the gray thing in the background on the left-hand side.

The only separate room is the shower and toilet (thank goodness these have their own room!).

Any guesses what this thing is?!? If you said a washer/dryer combination machine, you are too smart! It sits underneath our stovetop in the kitchen. You can wash dishes, cook spaghetti, and get a load of laundry finished without moving your feet. Now try to figure out how to wash that dirty load of jeans...

That's our home! It's small, but it's cozy, and it's all we needed for our first year of marriage. Living here has really put into perspective just how simply we have been able to live. Thanks for stopping by!

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