Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas time in Korea

Christmas Eve breakfast at the Heads. Menu: western-style bacon, eggs and pancakes with Korean style syrup. The syrup was an interesting flavor, not like the maple we are used to. It was more honey flavored, and extremely sweet. Nonetheless, the breakfast was delicious! These are the other foreign teachers from our school (left to right: Zack, Allie, Jesse, Christel).

Our Christmas gifts to our co-teachers and office staff. Korean cookies! Yum!

This is what we call a Texas Aggie Christmas lunch in Korea...TGIFridays! Everyone in this picture is an English teacher living in the Busan area. From left to right-Vince, Whitney, Austin, Lauren, Alaina, Loren, Linda, Mr. Choi.

Our apartment on Christmas Eve. We were so blessed to be able to talk to both of our families via Skype on Christmas. Thank you, Lord! If anyone is interested in Skyping with us, our name is "lorenandalaina".

The Head's and the Schauer's outside of the APEC (Asian-Pacific Economic Corporation) house. It is a beautiful building constructed for a one-time meeting of world leaders in 2005.

Outside of the APEC house on Christmas Day. It was quite hazy, but look closely and you can see the "Diamond Bridge" in the background.
Yes, many people still wear face masks here (for numerous reasons). This lady in particular looks quite fashionable with her pink hat and matching face mask! The boy to the left is definitely wearing a John Deere hat.
A traditional Korean style dress called a "Hanbok". These dresses are worn for special occasions.

On the subway in Busan. Which one of these doesn't fit?
We went to see the movie "Avatar" here in Busan. They were showing it in 3D! Luckily, the movie was in English with Korean subtitles, but unfortunately some of the language was in the characters' native tongue, which they did not translate into English. Probably was not too important anyway...

No Smoking on Haeundae beach! With an advertisement this large, even foreigners get the picture.
Christmas Day on Haeundae Beach.

Some of our Koren co-teachers and office girls.
Celebrating a birthday in the office. The birthday girl received a furry hat (on left). This was a first time to eat cake with chopsticks!
Loren and some of his elementary school students. They love him, really.
Koreans have a thing for hoodies and jackets that zip up all the way.

This woman is calling her husband to say "Honey, I got dinner!" (it's hiding in her jacket). Bad joke, sorry.


  1. My student's emotions are in question in the photograph above, but I don't know why... Maybe it's because we had just finished drawing pictures of sharks eating kayakers and bears mawling campers, I guess the girl in the middle really enjoyed it.

  2. Aliana, you are doing such a great work with this "blog" and it's such a thrill to be able to see what an exciting journey you two are traveling.

  3. (This is Ben)

    The black and white photo of Loren in the subway is too funny! I'm definitely not worried about you two over there. I can't wait to see yall again.