Monday, February 1, 2010

Korean basketball game

We went to our first Korean basketball game. Busan Sonicboom played Incheon Land Elephants (near Seoul). We lost by a few. I think the final score was 60-65. It was an entertaining game to say the least. A lot like watching a junior college basketball game, but with a bit more drama and acting. There was quite a crowd for the home team, but the visitor side was practically empty. Each Korean team is made up of mostly Koreans, but they are allowed two international players per team.
We had a great time cheering along with the "Cheerleader". No, not cheerleaders; yes, they do have the half-dressed women who dance on the floor during halftime here as well, but the Cheerleader is a man, dressed in a white suit with coat tails who acts as a conductor for typical basketball cheers like "DEFENSE". Quite hilarious.
Busan's mascot, Sonicboom, who resembled Jack-in-the-Box. The man in the black suit is a body guard for the basketball court. A little overrated and unnecessary we think..
We went with another couple from church, Derek and Jenny, from Canada.
This is the team's mascot, Sonicboom. In this video he performs a dance for the crowd. Hilarious!!

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