Monday, February 1, 2010

The Orphanage

Our church here in Busan, I.C.C., spent Saturday morning at a local orphanage. We were told that our only job was to play with these children and love on them. How cool is that? The director of the orphanage gave us a heartfelt speech on the meaning of family (0f course translated from Korean).
"F-father A-and M-mother I L-love Y-you"
Our hearts melted the second we stepped foot in those rooms. The kids immediately ran up to us wanting, needing, a hug, or just human touch. It was truly an awesome (and exhausting) day.

What a cutie! These children's smiles were priceless.

"Yobosayo?" It means "Hello" when answering the phone. Loren really had these boys was adorable.
After Loren put his hat on a little boy, this kiddo came up and stole the hat from the little boy (who wouldn't want this beautiful maroon hat??). He would not give it back until we left, two hours later! He was a mischievous little one, to say the least.
Alaina wanted to take her home...can't you see why? So precious..
This one, too, please!!!

During "clean up time" these boys were doing their part by hopping in the toy basket and throwing all of the toys OUT after we had put them IN. Boys will be boys...

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