Monday, February 1, 2010

Loren's Birthday!

The big 25 on the on 25th!!!

Loren mentioned that a tradition when he was younger was when his parents made him a huge breakfast for his birthday. I (Alaina) did my best to reenact this awesome tradition in Korea by making western-style pancakes, bacon, sausage, and fried eggs with black coffee. I think I did pretty good, huh? We also were able to Skype with Loren's parents over this breakfast. It was great to be able to share this with them (even if was on the screen of a computer).

Loren's surprise birthday cake at work. Of course we ate it with chopsticks :)

The office girls from work and the very happy birthday boy!
Congratulating the man of the hour with a firm handshake. Korean tradition? Not so much....just for fun and to take a goofy picture. They are all about the silly pictures.
Of course Alaina has her hand ready to dig in to this chocolate cake!

Birthday boys! Loren and Scott (a friend from church) share the same special day of January 25th. We celebrated by going out to lunch for Tong-duk (steamed chicken) with glass noodles, rice and vegetables in a huge bowl with a soy-like sauce on top. Delicious!

Some church friends celebrating Loren and Scott's birthday at the Johnson's place.
Loren's second cake from the church group. Don't you love the rainbow and sunshine?!? Scott's wife, Ashley, and I picked it out. It was either this or a clown with balloons....make your choice.

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday cards!!


  1. I'm hurt. I thought the best part of Loren's birthday was me singing to him over voice chat!! Well--I'll just forever know in my heart that that is what you really meant to say. Love you Heads!

  2. FRONT AND CENTER! rightfully so, since it was the earliest! lol... i guess i kind of cheated. :)